New Start Type for Tasks: Variable Begin Date with Fixed End Date

J.B. Lewis 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

We've had a number of users who have expressed a greater desire to manage projects in Aprimo such that they can commit to fixed deadlines while keeping the project flowing without delay. Unfortunately, the established set of Start Types in tasks do not appear to accommodate this, especially since they use the timeboxing defined in the Estimated Duration field to establish and reestablish Start and End Dates. The As Soon as Possible Start Type will always reschedule every single task downstream whenever their predecessor is completed, the Fixed Begin / End Start Types allow for a defined beginning or end but at the cost of starting regardless of a predecessor's completion, and the Start No Earlier / Later Than Start Types have the potential to delay the project if the predecessor task is completed early. We'd like to request a new Start Type that begins the task immediately but does not reschedule the end date, leaving the timebox defined in the Estimated Duration field as a variable element. It would be much less of a hassle for project managers to define the end dates themselves rather than having Aprimo adjust them constantly.