DAM search reports should be able to show the classification names in the expression

Tamara Hurioglu 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 1

Currently the DAM search reports (based on DAM_searches_Log table) are showing the classification ID in the ‘Expression’ column but it would be more valuable to be able to see the "search expression" with the classification name.

For example, the current search report allows to see the expression column such as:

  • (Classification in '"644e07c3-9d5a-4247-b917-aa2d0127c349"') and ((CR14227))
  • id in '"ca55b3eb-7b60-4644-a07e-a9bd013e1903", "995c926c-ad02-4348-95fd-a9bd012e4ea5", "4cccc8ba-f4c5-42d9-b501-a9bd012e4f48"'
  • (Classification in '"644e07c3-9d5a-4247-b917-aa2d0127c349"') and ((fotoyoga10386) and (STILLS and DAY and 29858))

It would be more efficient if the report can show the expression column as:

  • (Classification in “Restricted Photoshoot Viewing”) and ((CR14227))
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Agreed this would be good, but this is a really big change and I don't think we would be able to get to this in a reasonable time frame.