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Add the ability for a PM to cancel an activity when editing the activity details page.

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 7 months ago 7

This should function the same way as the project details page where a user with proper permissions can cancel the project. When this happens, we need to also be able to cancel the activity. Many of our activities have a 1:1 relationship with a single project (i.e., there is only ever 1 project under the activity). Currently, we have to manually close the activity and fill out required fields that may not be relevant to the particular request.

For us, it would be ok for folks who can cancel projects to also have the ability to cancel activities. Admins should be able to do this for any activity. I think anyone in our org who has the ability cancel a project and is on the activity in some way / shape / form should also have this ability. I realize that may not meet requirements from other more highly regulated customers, so if it needs to be more constrained, then that is fine with us.

I see there are several other customers that have voted for this so would be curious your thoughts on this approach and who should be able to do this?  If I have Activity, Edit and I am on the Activity, Edit ACL and also have the Project, Cancel domain right is that enough?

Hi Eric, your mentioned permissions and access combination works for Monash.

If we create a new system level status of cancelled then I think we could add logic to simply ignore required fields when cancelling the activity and its underlying projects.  The database does not require a value in a required EA, only in a few of our base fields but those all have to have at least a default value set for them when the work request is submitted so they should all already be completed.  You can have a required EA empty on a secondary tab and still save an activity.

But I think this "cancel" would then need to be an object level "action" that is in the 3dot menu in the top right similar to "delete".

Another item to consider will be if this should need its own right to do it?  How many and what type of users would you trust to do this Milo?  There would be no "undo" button on something like this so once you cancel it, the projects would be cancelled and the activity set to "cancelled".  I suppose you could change the status of the activity back to something else and then start a new project inside it.  No reason to not allow that to happen but still it is a big hammer to swing so would be curious who you would allow to do it?

I like the "add a Cancel" selection option in addition to Open and Closed.

If you Cancel an Activity, would you still have the ability to see the attachments that had been uploaded and get to the Project Task List?  We would like the ability to still see what had been done up until it was canceled.  

We would also like a separate permission for Project, Cancel as currently we do not grant permissions to our users for Workflow, Edit.  Our users do not start Projects under the Activity as our Activities and Projects are a 1:1 only.

In Review

So the challenge here is that activities status is all customer configurable.  Project status are fixed and the same in every customer environment so we know that "cancelled" is there and always an option and using it takes real actions in the system to shut down open tasks, etc.

For an activity, the status of "cancelled" is just a name really.  Some customers might not have an "cancelled' status even configured.  Or they might have both a "closed' and a "cancelled" status which have different meanings.

I think the better approach on this might be to come at this form the other direction.  You cancel the activity and it then also cancels any projects inside it?

We do have the "system type status" of "open and closed".   One thought could be to add a third one of "canceled".  If you set an activity to "canceled" status we could then maybe also cancel all its projects?

That seems like a reasonable approach. I'd like to be able to cancel an activity without having to fill out required fields on the activity layout that were not part of the activity request. Wondering if there's any automation that could be introduced to write a "N/A" value to those particular fields during cancellation. If you have other thoughts or ideas it would be great to hear them. Thanks!