Workflow Admin - Ability to Preview Task without having to kickoff test project

Rebecca 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Monika Pickard 5 months ago 4

For workflow admins - it would be nice to be able to preview a task (similar to how you can preview a work request form) when building to ensure the correct DCT and Checklist was selected as well as other configured elements. 

Currently in order to preview a task with all of the elements you have to get the WF template to a state in which it can be validated and then kick off a test project.  At that point, the user may realize they selected the wrong DCT or checklist or forgot to make work entry not required - and then have to cancel the project, adjust the workflow template, and do it all over again.   It would be greatly beneficial to have a preview option when configuring a task/review task as it would be much more efficient and not add unnecessary project data to the system. 

This would be awesome. Such a time saver also. As it is now it requires several extra steps to test a workflow.

Great suggestion!