"Expand All" Button needed for DCT sections of a Task in the Task Inbox

Christine Mellick 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 5 months ago 3

Currently, the DCT sections of a task in the Task Inbox are all collapsed.  Our users would like to have a "Expand All" button so they can expand all sections of the task at once. 

I thought there was already a Voice Idea submitted for this, but can't find one.  So apologies, if there is and this could be combined with that one.

Hi Eric - This was not quite what our users wanted.  They wanted a button in the task in the Task Inbox that would show Collapse All or Expand All, depending on what was already showing in their view.  Not that it would be controlled at the DCT level.
Is there a way to set this at the User Preference?  Where the user could determine how they wanted to see it?


Hi Christine,

Sorry not sure why this one got missed.  It should have been updated a while ago.

Through discussions I believe at FinSync meetings we took an alternate approach to solving for this by adding a configuration option on each DCT so the admin can configure whether it is expanded or collapsed by default when the task first opens.  The thought was this would be a better model than forcing the user to push a button to expand them all.  This also allows the admins the option to put the right focus on specific DCTs if they want by having those expanded but maybe another more FYI type DCT is collapsed.

Are you aware of this feature?


Hi Eric - Do we have any updates on this?