More Robust Analytics

Rachel 1 year ago in Insights / Reporting updated by petra.tant 9 months ago 6

I would like much more robust analytics on usage for the new UI.  Charts/graphs/flexibility.  (Much more akin to Google Analytics and the flexibility that interface has)

One example: I would like to know how many times a particular asset was viewed (not downloaded).  This would provide valuable information for me about my user base as many of my users don't necessarily download assets, only view them.  

Another: Time spent on the site.  This will help me understand better how users are interacting with the site.  If the content we provide is keeping the users engaged or they are clicking right off.  If they are going for specific items and leaving, or sticking around to discover more. 

Reporting / Analytics

Better Insights and graphical reports would be awesome

Additionally having the ability to see how each individual asset is viewed vs. downloaded vs. shared in a graph within the DAM would be helpful.  Currently this is very clunky and old with the pdf generated reports in MO. 

An event log that tracked it would be helpful as well.  

Basically the ability to track impressions of assets would be very helpful.  And is something that my marketing staff and higher level executives keep asking me to provide.  

I fully second the view vs download!