Support for EMF files

Jake Vandevyvere 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 8

Preview and thumbnail generation are currently not supported for EMF files. It would be great if this could be added. Download options would be a nice plus!

Content Types / Metadata File Types

This is queued to release in DAM version 102.


We will add the EMF file format to store and preview EMF files.

What's the content you are saving to EMF and from what application are you saving EMF?  Why EMF and not something widely used like PDF, JPEG or PNG, is what i'm trying to understand.

EMF is needed as an alternative to EPS, as the latter is no longer supported by Microsoft PowerPoint.

In Review

What is the business case for using EMF files. We have never had this request before.

We primarily use illustrations (vector based files) for instructional use, which are prepared as EPS files (mainly used in  printed materials). Up until now EPS files have worked fine in Powerpoint. However as Microsoft no longer supports EPS files, we need to use an alternative file type. To keep our single source approach EPS is our main vectorbased file format. So having our users downloading with conversion to EMF would be the best solution. Else we need to have all our EPS files converted to EMF and uploaded alongside the EPS files. JPEG and PNG are no go as both are bitmap based formats. 

(I would have loved to see the SVG format as the solution. Then all "platforms" could be covered, but InDesign does not support SVG)