Ability to stamp the workflow title equal to a field or set to empty

Kim Thrower 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Matt Chabot 1 year ago 1

Right now, you must rely on a user to remember to change the workflow title field because it is defaulted to the workflow template title. If we were to set it to empty, it would mandate that the user would have to change it before closing a task. In contrast, it the field could be stamped to a combination of other EAs, a user would never need to fill it out and would prevent the effort in needing to do so by the user. Then the users could search on this easily in the Task Inbox instead of needing to use the Task Card on the home page

Hi Kim,

I believe your issue is similar to the issue we're talking about on this thread. May be a good idea to ask Eric to combine them somehow.  https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1073-ability-to-edit-activityprojecttask-title-through-workflow-template