Ability to remove the blue Download button seen on a working document section that appears as text above the document

Kim Thrower 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Bridget Pounsberry 5 months ago 1

A user rarely wants to download a document or multiple documents as a zip file, which is the only option for this button. Furthermore, if they try this option, it is often blocked by a firewall or security setting on a user computer. It is the most prominent method to download a document, whereas the ways to download a single version as its actual file extension type (ie a PDF and not a zip file) are more hidden behind at least an additional click

This is also an issue and confusing for users who do not have download rights. The download button for assets on a task appears for everyone, even those who can't download. We would like to be able to remove the download button for people who can't download to reduce confusion.