Task Card column widths to save

Adam Henderson 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 7 months ago 6

We use a lot of columns on the task card, our users resize the columns so they can actually read the content without having to hover over each individual cell. This enables them to get a great summary of the work available to pick up, particularly in our studio. The problem is that when they then navigate to a task in the inbox and then return to the task card the columns have all resized. It's very frustrating to always have to be adjusting the columns like this. We basically need the old functionality of the task list on the home page in old nav, but on the task card. It feels like in terms of the task card we've gone backwards not forwards in functionality. 

Completely agree with others feedback. It's a nuisance for our users to have to repeatedly resize columns.

Yes, have had multiple users convey their frustrations over having to resize columns repeatedly. We want to keep the ability to resize the columns to each user preference, but the once set - those widths should stay.

Agree, we would like persistent column widths for all cards on the My Aprimo Page. Having to resize with each refresh is time-consuming and impacts efficiency.

We entered a similar request to allow an easy way to expand specific columns or all columns in a list view https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1379-expand-columns-to-show-full-ea-titles

We too, would like to persist the columns widths on all of the cards.