Ability to export annotation comments from the master list

Alex Gregorio 8 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Diana Fournier 3 months ago 2

Under Additional Resources>Annotations>Export, you're unable to pull the comments into the selected columns in order to export. The ability to export this information would be useful. 

From our business team:  bBeing able to identify annotations in the master list by ProjectID would also be helpful (which could then export)

We use annotations as our primary source of feedback on creative.  As we try to improve the quality of the creative going into the system, we need to report on common themes/feedback we get on the creative in order to resolve it on creative going forward.  We should be able to export this column so that we review in bulk.  Additionally, project managers would like to review all annotations made on creative pieces supporting a common campaign.  They would prefer to use this central source.