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Filters for selecting single assets from the DAM

kate.riley1 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 6

When selecting single assets from the DAM in a workflow – when will we get to see filters in the DAM as a left hand nav (in addition to classification that is already there)?  There is a search box but no tree to show the filters that can be selected.

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Due to unforeseen work and re-shifting priorities end of Q4 we had to pause the work on this topic for a while. We hope to resume in January and release in Q1/20.

This work will exist out of 2 steps. First we will develop a new content selection component on the DAM side. This work is foreseen to start in Q4-2019 and may be completed in Q4 as well. The next step is that the workflow needs to consume that new content selection component. At this moment in time I have no planning for that yet. Once we're well underway for the first part, we'll assign part 2 to a team.

That is great Petra thanks for letting me know - any idea on timeframe for this?


We have plans to replace the selection dialog with a more modern behavior.