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Filters for selecting single assets from the DAM

kate.riley1 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 7

When selecting single assets from the DAM in a workflow – when will we get to see filters in the DAM as a left hand nav (in addition to classification that is already there)?  There is a search box but no tree to show the filters that can be selected.

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Intermediate update: the new content selector component will release in April. All areas in the Aprimo SAAS platform where assets can be selected will be upgraded to use this new selector component, this change will go over a period of time and release gradually.

Due to unforeseen work and re-shifting priorities end of Q4 we had to pause the work on this topic for a while. We hope to resume in January and release in Q1/20.

This work will exist out of 2 steps. First we will develop a new content selection component on the DAM side. This work is foreseen to start in Q4-2019 and may be completed in Q4 as well. The next step is that the workflow needs to consume that new content selection component. At this moment in time I have no planning for that yet. Once we're well underway for the first part, we'll assign part 2 to a team.

That is great Petra thanks for letting me know - any idea on timeframe for this?


We have plans to replace the selection dialog with a more modern behavior.