Add User level to Aigle Board

Robert Colville 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alex Gregorio 9 months ago 8

Agile Boards – Can User level be added to agile board? 

We anticipate being able to get this out by the end of the year.

Any update on when this will be released? Our users would like to start using this feature however, are unable to do so without the ability to sort/filter for one or more user(s).

This is great news.

Request has also been made by PNC and are keen to understand estimated timeframe on this.

Hi Robert, we will add an additional option, to filter by User.  We will also make the Project Title hyperlinked to the Project Task List.  I will keep you updated on progress here.  Thank you for your suggestions.

Yes, adding user as an option, maybe team or user? Or another column for User. Also, can we make the Project Title linkable to the Task List?


Hi Robert, so I just want to confirm that in addition to the filters for Activity, Project and Team you would like one for "User".