applying black and white watermarking on grayscale images

Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated 1 year ago 3

Tool is applying black and white watermarking on grayscale images. The watermark image is in color but when there is a black white image, the system is making this colored watermarking image as grayscaled. This should not be happening. Can media engine be configured to not to do that?

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I guess we are utilizing watermarking for the status (new, new, restricted) of an asset or classification (final, restricted) instead of watermark the image for copyright concerns which applying colorspace makes sense. 

This aprimo voice ticket (Click here to open the topic ) is something to give extra attention then. 


This is as designed. We do not change the colorspace from the image when applying watermarks. This would be an enhancement I would like people to comment or vote on, as i'm not sure everyone would agree we change the colorspace when applying a watermark.