New Navigation: My Home Page (My Activity & Task Cards) Advanced Filters

Ray Hahn 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Glenn Hom 10 months ago 4

In the old navigation users could apply advanced filters to their My Homepage cards (My Activities/Tasks/Reviews/Reports) so they could work directly from there. This functionality doesn't exist in the new navigation cards and requires users do an extra click into My Tasks and makes using  the homepage less appealing.  

We would like advanced filters to be restored to these cards so users can immediately start working on their tasks. Please reference our other enhancement request regarding how tasks open for users in out of Groups. How these tasks open are important too. 

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For clients that are project-based (rather than activity-based), the "My Activities" card is useless. Are there any plans to create a "My Projects" card with advanced filters? Thanks.


We are looking into options for additional configuration of cards and some more advance filtering options.  We are about to release a new card for the Home Page, called My Activities which will start with a default filter of all Activities the current user is either the Owner or Admin.  We will keep the other card that shows your recent activities but it will be renamed to be called "My Recent Activities" to reflect what it really is displaying.

Beyond this we will start to add option to further configure cards like your My Task card to include options to group by Activity or Project, limit results based on statuses, etc.  This will likely be handled through a "Configure" option on the card.  The options for this work is being investigated now and will confirm our planned approach once we determine the best option.

Will the My Activities card have a page over option to show more than 25 items at a time? 

Rockell, Out of the gate it does not, but we are looking at adding paging to cards.