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Ray Hahn 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 11 months ago 2

In the old navigation once you've submitted a task Aprimo went back to your customized My Tasks/Reviews page and refreshed it. In the new navigation after submitting a task in the Portal Inbox view it doesn't automatically default back to your customized My Tasks/Reviews page. For users NOT in Groups they are able to open their task in the classic task view (Edit) and when those tasks are submitted Aprimo returns to the My Tasks/Reviews page. 

    There are no options for users IN Groups to open tasks in the classic task view (Edit) so they are forced to open them in the current tab then manually back page from the Inbox to their My Tasks/Reviews page. Our Regulatory, Asset Management and Project Management teams aren't able to move efficiently through their custom filters and multiple tasks with new navigation's current functionality. 

    If the classic task view (Edit) goes away this issue will spread to our broader user base using custom filters in My Tasks/Reviews. We see this as a setback and hurdle to user adoption. 

    Want: When a task from My Tasks/Reviews is closed in any interface Aprimo refreshes and defaults back to My Tasks/Reviews page. 

    Note: We have another enhancement request that asks for custom filters to persist to the Inbox. 

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    Regarding the question itself, I am think I need to better understand the click flow you are requesting.  Are you saying that if you have a task open in the Task Inbox and then you "close" that task you would want the application to close the entire Task Inbox page and take the user back to the My Task List page instead?


    Sorry for this Idea sitting in "moderation" for so long.  We check for these periodically but somehow this was not showing up in my filters so it was missed.  I apologize.