New Navigation: Activity & Project Card Fields

Ray Hahn 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 10 months ago 2

Our users that use the Activity and Project cards would like the ability to determine what fields are displayed. For example, business unit, cost center, task status and/or requester to name some. This would allow our different groups to display information that is important to them for those important projects. We envision these fields being configured by the user and then applied to any new Activity or Project card.   


My expectation is if they want to see more about the activity they will need to click on it and drill into the details right?  Just showing a few EAs on the card does not tell them the status or other key updates really.  So can you clarify if they want these fields in order to tell the activity cards apart from each other on the home page?

We did plan to modify the information shown in the cards but our thought was to show more mterics or information.  For example, current tasks in process, or a % complete, or target completion date, that kind of information so they could see the status of project/activity right on the home page and not need to drill into it.

Different users at Santander have expressed the same sentiment re. the Activity cards, since they are tracking a specific activity, rather than just having easy access to that activity, they would like the ability to customize and determine what information is being displayed, such as activity number, in market date, etc.