New UI Portal URL SSO login issue

Raghunandan Balusu 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 3

On sandbox we recently got rolled out with new UI for few users and those users are experiencing SSO login failures to the portal URL even they are having all the access. But Aprimo URL SSO is working fine with new UI. SSO is working fine for both URL for users with old UI.

Attached below are the some useful information, can also provide any additional information needed.

URL: https://vanguard-sb.aprimo.com/AprimoPortal/


The Portal URL is no longer needed/used with the New Navigation.  ALL users regardless of their user type should access the main aprimo URL.  If they are a portal/contributor level user after login they will be directed to a home page that will only display the few limited modules available to a contributor user.  All of the functional areas that used to only be in Portal are now in the main application (like Work Requests) so a Full user has no need to access the portal view anymore.

Last, in the future please direct this kind of question/issue to Customer Support first.  Aprimo Voice is meant to be product idea forum not a issue troubleshooting platform.

Thanks for the info.


No problem.  I think it is great your trying out the new navigation experience.  Have you reviewed the content in Help and Aprimo Academy about the feature?  There are many benefits about it.

  • All users access Aprimo using the same URL (your question above)
  • Users no longer have to turn off their pop-up blockers for the Aprimo URL
  • Users can use the back button and their browser history to jump back to previous pages
  • They can bookmark specific pages.  So for example, as an Admin you can bookmark/favorite the Activity EA list page or the Workflow Templates list page if that is somewhere you go often.
  • Users can right click on items in the main nav and open pages in new tabs or windows
  • Every page has the same consistent navigation, no more different navs based on the window you have open.
  • The nav bar can be hidden to give you back that extra space on the screen, especially helpful for list pages.
  • and much more.