Change the dropdown funcionality

Jure Meh 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 year ago 1

We have an issue with the dropdowns used on a few places. One is for assignees on the reassign tasks. The other is for program when creating work requests. Here are both examples:

In both cases, we have a lot of values inside this dropdowns. This means the filter shows just the first part of the lists. We can use the filter but this takes additional clicks and time and also, many times we do not know exactly what we are searching for and in this case, we would like to browse the whole list. This is not possible here. We suggest that such dropdowns should be changed to either show the whole list of values or enable to open the search where you can again see the whole list of values.

We too, typically have this problem with any list where we need to select users from.  We were told this is a system limitation where only the 1st 500 from the list would be visible unless we applied a filter.  We would love to see this enhancement implemented as it causes extra caveat steps in our user guides, not to mention the extra clicks as said above.