Add the ability to control Task Reject Reasons based on Project Type

matthew.garofalo 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Andy Eggert 10 months ago 1

Add an additional layer of configuration when setting up reject reasons. When an admin selects "Task Reviews" or "Task Reviews Document Level" as the Review Type to associate to a reject reason, they should also be able to breakdown when the reject reason will show by Project Type. Not all reject reasons are applicable to all project types and this should be reflected in the system configuration options.

From CVS Retail: this would be extremely helpful for us as well.  We are in a similar situation as Matthew: we currently use review tasks across multiple process flows, and not all reject reasons are applicable to all projects.  An additional layer allowing admins to configure which reject reasons display for which project types would be helpful to drive better user experience within review tasks.

Currently, in order to work around this issue, unnecessary EA's need to be introduced within review tasks to properly track rejection reasons.  This also has the undesired side effect of forcing users to fill out a rejection EA even if the task is being approved.