Ability for Consumer Users to download all the video previews like Contributor Users

katie.tierney 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 8

From Nord Anglia:   Currently, when you view a Video file as a Contributor, you can download all previews, we would like this feature available to Consumer users as well as they need the still files for their marketing work as well.

Orders / Sharing Rules / Actions

Thanks Petra, I was just inquiring if there was any plan to also display the "Time based stills" section on the Consumer UI, similar to the Contributor UI?

There currently no plans, but I would suggest to enter a separate voice ticket for this request. 


For individual items this has been released last week in DAM release 132. To have the ability on the basket is a feature which is still in progress and will be following soon.

Yes, this is still in progress and close to delivery - probably this will be in  the next release after Easter . This is related to configuring download actions including content from additional files.

Hello, I was just checking on the status of this feature, is it still In-Progress?  Thanks.


We will be making download actions configurable for the new DAM UI. The work is currently planned to start in September.