access to "my workflows" status from task inbox

Holger Blaschek 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

Users who triggered a multi-step workflow can currently not access its status (who did what when, who is in charge to do the next step bow) from anywhere easily (e.g. task inbox), as the request task vanishes when completing its parameters for submission.

What about offering a simple "my requests" overview for the workflows initiated by the user…?


With the updates to Work Request feature to improve UX and functionality that is currently in EAP, the requester will now have the option to select a previous requests and then see in the Information panel, details about the activity and on the second tab in the Information panel the option to access the Task List and/or Agile board for each project in the activity.  This will allow the requester to see the status of their request, what is complete, what is next, etc.