Download from Search Results in New UI

Rebecca Hood 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 4

Currently in the New/Consumer UI, I only have the ability to add an asset to my basket. I would like to be able to download an asset directly from the search results page. Clicking into an asset and leaving the results page to download, or adding it to the basket and then going to that menu to download takes extra time.

Rules / Actions

Hi Patrick, adding more functionality to the mosaic view is not planned yet.

@Petra any update on timeline, it would really simplify things if people could do a direct download. Also wonder whether it can be possible that if the selected assets (in your basket) are smaller can't we just immediately offer the download instead of going via the notitications? 


It is indeed the default behavior if you are on mosaic view. If you switch to 'card view' you have more options available. We want to add more functionality to mosaic view in the future, timewise this will be after we put in more configurable actions on which we are working on now.