Printing work requests

Jure Meh 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 5 months ago 5

We have encountered a situation that our people working on the ditribution workflows need to create some orders also in SAP. They need to attached also the original order. Until now this was done on emails and in paper and they attached those. Now this is done through work requests. Is there a way to get a printout of the work request? When somebody creates a new work request, he can print this, after pressing the button submit:

Is it possible, that we would have such an option also later on Approved work requests?

I am going to close this as Shelved since the new work-request and field-control-restyling FFs drive the display in a single page with the print button on the top right.  These FFs will be turned on for all customers June 24.

Hello Jure, the new work-request feature flag supports a single page work request when the feature flag "field-control-restyling" is on and the user has the domain right "Field Control Restyling, Access".  With this situation there is a Print button at the top right and it will print out the single page work request form.

We are moving turn these feature flags on for all customers in June and eventually removing these feature flags to make it part of the product.  If you would like to learn more please let me know and I can give you a demo.  

Hi Jure, I am not sure I follow.  With field-control-restyling, the WR is a single page and the Print option is at the top right. Please help me understand your situation better.  


Hello, you should be able to PRINT the Work Request for any status.  Is it okay to close this?