Hide base fields from Activity Details Page

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Szymon Wozniak 5 months ago 4

There quite a few instances where the following fields are not being used on the Activity Details page and we would like to hide/remove them to have a cleaner user experience.


Cell Matrix




Currency Code

Yes, we'd also like the ability to hide/remove fields/sections on the Activity Details page that we don't use as a company and allow us to move them to the bottom of the page, if that is what we want.

We also, agree the ability to hide tabs from our users to avoid confusion.

Agree this would improve user experience - in addition it would also be useful if some of the tabs could be hidden - for example we preset the access levels through business rules for all our activities therefore users don't need access to this tab

Also agree! It wiil be great to improve user experience with the possibility to hide native fields disused for everybody and to hide tab disused depending on type of acitvities for instance... 

Hiding or moving those base section would make it easier for the user to follow their activity. Allowing for greater control with hiding the tabs would also be great. If this could be set up to give the ability to for example to limit the exposure by group, administrators would have greater control what and how they want to display attributes to the users.