Workflow: Option to make existing projects to use latest version of sub flow

Richard Perks 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

At present we have projects which can run on for a long time, and as we do monthly incremental updates to the workflows, these old projects do not benefit from any of the incremental changes that are introduced.

It would therefore be extremely useful to have an option to make existing projects use the latest version of a sub flow rather than the original version referenced at project creation time.

This would have the following advantages:

1) Incremental updates are seen earlier and thus the benefit of the process change improvements are realised quicker.

2) User confusion is reduced as there are fewer versions of the workflow process in play at any one time.

3) Support needs are reduced for the same reason as 2.

4) Simpler workflow design. Considering impact of changes is made simpler as there are fewer impacts when changing the workflow and associated objects, e.g. impact of new picklist values that define workflow routing.