Allow to change expiration period of download link send via email to non-DAM users

Tamara Hurioglu 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Rachel 1 year ago 4

Currently, if we want to change the expiration period for the links send to non-DAM users, we need to submit a request to Customer Service. It would be easier if the Admin can configure this via a parameter accessible via the UI.

Orders / Sharing Configuration

We could make this setting a DAM administrative setting, but this is a generic setting impacting all downloads, indifferent on how they were triggered.So if you increase the time for example from 7 to 30 days, it means that all downloads in the system will remain available for 30 days.

That would be beneficial.  

Additionally if there could be a way to choose the download length per link generated, it would allow greater flexibility of sharing.  (i.e. when you request a download link, you have an option to select, 7, 30, etc. days)