Report Distribution: Add option to NOT send reports out which contain no data rows

Richard Perks 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Stephanie Psenicka 11 months ago 7

We have a number of exception reports that are distributed regularly and for the majority of the time these contain no data rows.

An example being a report that highlights activities that have no projects.

It would therefore be extremely useful if there was an option to NOT send reports out when they contain no data rows.

A few of the key benefits of introducing this option being:

1) Reports will only be sent to Inbox when there is something to action.

2) Reduction in the amount of emails users receive.

3) Reduction in use of server resources, network bandwidth, disk space etc.

I would like the option to not send  the report at all if blank or send with a customized message --

 depending on the report and who it's being sent to. For example, a compliance report - while blank -still needs to go to Compliance for auditing purposes. A blank project request report would not need to be sent to a requestor if they have no open requests. A blank report could jjust cause confusion. While an Outlook rule could be applied, I'd prefer not to put the  onus on our internal clients  if possible.

It would be useful to have an option at the report level on this.  The use of the report would drive whether a report is needed to be sent if blank.  For a report used for compliance, we would want a empty report as evidence that the report ran.  For other type of reports, a blank report may create user questions.

Hi Mike,

This could certainly work but would not realise the majority of benefits from both a user & system point of view and would just push the work out to the individual users to setup outlook rules rather than reduce effort and allow those few that are configuring the reports to set it. Surely if you are making amendments to the system to detect if the report contains no data and then adding text it shouldn't be too much extra to allow a simple option to be available on the report configuration to not even send the report.

Thanks Richard

Discussed with Eric Teitsma today.  We agreed an acceptable solution would still send an email but include text indicating there were not any row.  Users could use an outlook role to move these emails based on this text.  

This would be welcomed very much by Franklin Templeton as well.

I had this on my list to submit, Wells Fargo is very much in favor of this request!