Access Agile Board and Task Worksheet from Activity or Project Card

Adam Henderson 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 3

We think it'd be great if you could access the agile board or task worksheet directly from an activity card. Our users love these cards but at the moment they simply create a link to the project or Activity details. We'd like them to be a bit more interactive. 


Assuming we add a new Task Worksheet Domain Right as being discussed on this Voice idea


Then we could add these links and just check if you have the right so they would only work for those users with the rights to go there.

Same for Franklin Templeton, we'd prefer admins the ability to disable the Task Worksheet.

If you move forward on this request, please allow admins to disable access to the Task Worksheet as Wells Fargo prefers for most of our users to not access the Task Worksheet.