Ability to have different administration messages according to the type of users

Justine Pontoire 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 10 months ago 4

Possibility to display different messages according to groups users. All users are not concerning about the same message according to their groups. 

We would love this.  We would like to use the Admin Messages to reminder full users about upcoming planning deadlines, new functionality, and to link our monthly newsletter.  Much of this info would not be relevant to our reviewer users.  In our case that's as far as we would segment the message.  If a more generic message was applicable to both, a slide approach would be great so one message would appear, then slide to the next.  Agree with you Eric that multiple stacked messages might be too much visually at the top of the screen.

Agreed on all accounts!


Sorry for the slow reply on this one but to be clear are you referring to the System Message card shown the home page?  

Assuming that is true this is something on our roadmap but not committed yet.  If we do this there could be chance a user qualifies to see more than one message.  What would you expect to happen in that case.  Should multiple message windows stack on the top of their home page?  It could use up a lot of space on their screen.

Hi Eric,

Yes I'm referring to admin messages displayed on the home page, it looks like this :

In my case, the goal would be to differentiate admin messages depending on the type of user and not to multiply messages for one user..

So in fact, it means that a user should probably have multiple message windows. I think that, if we manage this in terms of groups, a user wouldn't have more than 2 message windows on his home page.

Moreover, that type of admin message isn't very long, usually it's like 2 lines of text maximum. So, I think it wouldn't use up lot of space on their screen.