Include an indication on notifications advising the user what role they are in that resulted in the notification being sent to them.

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

We would like to see a field on notifications that calls out what role the notification was sent to. With many companies using complex workflows and also updating base terminology, it can be difficult to track down why a notification is being sent at times. Including a call-out of what role the notification was issued to would help users to understand why they received a notification and help admins to track down where in a workflow a notification is being issued.


Is this really an end user benefit or more a troubleshooting tool for the admin?  Could we include that information in the header information or something maybe so it could be discovered or do you want the user to see it as well?

Can you provide some examples on this?  Are these typically custom notifications you have configured or base system emails?

While this could benefit users, it would mostly be for admins to troubleshoot.  Even when users forward admins specific notifications it can be difficult to locate the template in question using the Notification Template List. Including the role in the header or anywhere it could be discovered would be helpful. I know this could be accomplished on custom notifications through WF configuration but having the role called out on base notifications would be great as well.