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The length of the current link that is generated when sending files using the "Send email with download link" is 274 characters. The space in the Marketing Productivity portal to store this link (Print URL) however has a limit of 255 characters, which forces the user to store the link in a difference space (Productivity Specs) area of the job in Marketing Productivity. This would be a non-issue if the links that were generated in the DAM were under 255 characters.

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The comments on this when rejected do not match the title of the request- has the request to shorten the length of the DAM link or increase the allowable characters  in the URL field been rejected? We have had to create a very manual and tedious work around to obtain a URL link that fits within the URL data type EA within PM.

I think we need to step back and understand the business case a bit more.  If you are assigning a Task from Aprimo to the vendor then that means the vendor must have a user account in Aprimo correct?  If that is true why do you need to show them a download link.  Just show them the files directly on the Task they are assigned and let them download the files themselves.  I am guessing I am missing something so please fill in the gap for me.

Hi Eric,  We are not assigning a task to the vendor in all instances. We have several vendors (specifically print vendors) that do not work within Aprimo.  Our Art Directors are loading files to the DAM and creating a link for download and it is the project managers responsibility to get that link to the outside vendor.  Currently, if an art director creates a link- they cannot place that link as is in Aprimo workflow because current URL fields do not accept enough characters (DAM link is 274 characters, field limit is 255) so we are now asking art directors to email themselves the link out of the DAM, create a shortened link with bit.ly and copy the bit.ly link into the field within workflow so when the task comes to the PM to distribute materials- they can send the bit.ly link to the vendor. 


Download links from the DAM expire after 7 days by default. You could turn that up to 30 days maximum, but the reason why download links expire is out of general security reasons and because you may run into trouble on content that expires.

There are probably better ways to solve your use case of making content available through a workflow process. I would suggest to discuss this use case with concierge services to evaluate the options. 

Here are more details on this use case:

The link generated by the DAM to download files is 274 characters long.  To make that link available for a vendor that we want to share the files with, our PM will take that link from the email and paste it into the "Finish and Prepare File for Delivery" task in the Marketing Productivity portal.  We've been using the Print/Digital URL fields to paste that link so that it's then available for the vendors, however the character length limitation for the Print/Digital URL fields is 255 characters.  We see two viable options to resolve this issue.  1. Increase the character length limitation on the Print/Digital URL fields to greater than 274 characters or 2. Decrease the length of the download link that is generated by the "Send email using download link" feature in the DAM.  

Hope this additional information is helpful but I'm happy to provide more details if need be.

Thank you!

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And to more specifically answer your question Petra, having the link pasted into the task in MP ensures that the vendor can access the files as long as they're assigned to the job in MP.  This way we don't have to rely on the email that is generated containing the link being saved/maintained by the vendor whenever they want to pull up the files in question.  Having the link to the files in MP simply works better for our workflow processes and will ensures a consistent manner for sharing vendor files.  Note that this issue is only specific to sharing vendor files.  In the event we need to share non-vendor files with other users, we have no problem with using the "send email with download link" feature and simply entering the intended recipient's email address as the user to receive the files.  Hope that additional context helps!

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Could you explain the use case/journey why you copy paste the download link MO?