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Holger Blaschek 2 months ago updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 2

I like Aprimo Voice, but would it make sense to set up also something like an actual community with workforces to commonly influence the product's modules into the overall most beneficial direction…? I was with the DSAG (German speaking SAP user group) for a few years and found their concept intriguing (https://www.dsag.de/einflussnahme#-strong-continuous-influencing-sessions-nbsp-sap-produkte-kontinuierlich-verbessern-strong-)… A big portion of development budget dedicated to the customer work forces, that way achieving CX and saving all the prioritization trouble in parallel... 

I would love to see some votes of interested customers on this one to understand the interest. 

All readers, feel free to comment on this:

In the US there is a Financial user group which is being chaired by one of our customers and supported by Aprimo. That model seems to work well for that group. The frequency and agenda should not be controlled by the vendor, but by the group.

What do you think would work best: group by industry (Pharma/Life Science, CPG, FinServ,...) group by product use (DAM, Productivity), group by locale (EMEA vs US or global)? 

Would you be willing to travel or would this be entirely remote?