Configurable button titles in Task Inbox

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Edmtz 7 months ago 4

We would like the ability to update the title of the "Close" field in simple tasks in the Task Inbox. We have gotten feedback from our users that the Close title is confusing as it implies the whole project will be closed rather than just that Task. We would prefer to be able to have that shown as "Submit".


I am marking this as rejected since this was already available in the Product.  I do not want to mark it Done since that would imply that R&D did feature work on this which we did not.

Eric, today I´m looking about this request, and I have a similar case, users would like to see the description for the close button, but the language used with us is spanish, so, the solution proposed to configure the english "close" button is not available when is used another language.  Instead of use the spanish word "cerrar" for clossing a simple task, users want another like "Tarea Finalizada" Task finished. Thanks 

we can update 'Close' title in System Tools -> Configuration -> Terminology "Close (Workflow)". 

Thank you Karthik! We were told this wasn't an option so I appreciate the info.