Have the ability to select start type for the workflow Start Type on the details page

Robert Colville 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

In Marketing Studio On Demand, you set the workflow start type at the details page for the workflow when applied to the activity. This gave the ability for the workflow to adjust on it's own. For example, if the workflow was 10 days and there was 20 days to complete the work, if you set the workflow start type on the details page to Start no later than ( I believe) and key of the Project Anchor Date (or any date you choose) the workflow would front load the extra time (the first task would get the extra 10 days) and any extra time would continue to flow through the workflow until the extra time ran out. 

Currently, you set this on each task of the workflow on the template level, but having the ability to do both (or set it either way) would give the admin more functionality and save some template creating on the back end.