Single Attachment Uploads should tag the Document Title to align with Bulk Upload functionality

Cat Thiel 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

We currently have 49 workflows and no matter the scenarios within those, we are impacted where when a single attachment is uploaded (requirements document or asset) there is no tagging of the Document Title in the title of the attachment in the thumbnail or list view – this title is not visible and retrievable anywhere within the Task Inbox view. Posing many issues for the attachment being passed through our six Tasks before a workflow is Closed.

Also as a result of this defect – our Approval/Rejection email notifications detailing “Task – Review Comments” is not populating the document title details and Requesters/Authors are unable to identify which attachments require revisions or review. We are unable to audit our attachment approvals as the titles are displaying blank.

When multiple attachments are uploaded at the same time, the document title is appended to the attachment title that was input. Functionality should be no different for single uploads.

This is mostly confusing in our common used case when a document is missed during a bulk upload and needs to be uploaded as a single document or attachment. The differences in the title display of the document do not appear to be accurate when they are all in the same panel view, which does not serve a consistent user experience.

CS ticket: CS0023511