Digital Asset Record in Reports

Rob Tuffly 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 10 months ago 7

Provide ability to create a Digital Asset Report that includes the digital assets as an output option. When selected, the report would include the required attribute data along with the asset that matches the report criteria.

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Now that we understand the request better, we think this is better covered with an integration leveraging web-hooks and APIs to pass the appropriate information for filing with the government. Our services team has worked with other customers to setup similar processes, i suggest you get in touch with them to talk about the options.

As a health insurance company with a Medicare contract, we are required to provide any asset (internal- or external-facing) to the federal government at their request. This audit can include a few assets to hundreds. Having a report as described here would allow users to create a filter in the DAL to include key metadata (Form #s, Material IDs, internal and external approval dates, etc.) along with the respective asset, Everything could be quickly and easily downloaded instead of searching for an asset, exporting its data, then downloading the asset.

Almost. The Excel doc would include a thumbnail, user-selected metadata and the asset itself.

Can you explain what the use case is for these report/packages including the asset itself? It does not sound like report anymore, but more like a delivery mechanism which includes assets and a sidecar excel with metadata. What would this be used for?

Are we correct if we think your ask is an excel-like sheet including thumbnails and some key metadata of assets?