Please improve the text resolution in HTML5 Annotation Viewer

Glenn Hom 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alex Gregorio 6 days ago 2

The text resolution in HTML5 is very poor compared to the same file opened in Acrobat. This makes reading and annotating difficult for small text like footnotes, fine print, etc., even when zoomed in. It's worse on a laptop. The old viewer had a "High Resolution" zoom that fixed this issue, but the new viewer does not. Hopefully you can see the difference in the screen captures below showing HTML5 vs Acrobat. It's exactly the same file:


Hello. I wanted to follow up on this. I had previously entered a Service Now ticket related to this same issue. It was shared that this functionality is something that is provided by a third party provider, are there plans to fix this issue?


I will talk to my team about how we might be able to improve this.