Preview Support for AIT Files

carson.hale 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 4

We are unable to get AIT (Illustrator Template File) previews to work with the media engines available.  It would be great if we could get a new media engine/extension that would support the AIT file extension similarly to AI file extension.

File Types

Previews of Adobe Illustrator files count a the PDF compatibility of the Adobe Illustrator file. The AIT file does not contain a PDF section, hence we aren't able to preview the file. If you want a preview on these records, then you can upload a preview file separately to the record.

If you want to automate the ingestion process of the AIT and its preview file, then you can setup a package ingestion configuration and ingest both the AIT and its preview as a zip file, identifying the AIT as the master file. This way you can make the ingestion mechanism store the correct preview file on the AIT file automatically. If you have a lot of AIT files, or a a lot of people supplying AIT files, this may be easier.

Hey Joris,

Thanks for the reply!  I actually originally did try this, however in my testing it did not generate a proper preview.  It did process the file into the DAM without issue but the preview didn't look like the contents of the file.

Hi Carson,

I did a quick test and was able to process AIT files. I did need to create a new file type for AIT files by creating a duplicate, based on the AI file type:

and then updating the name and extension for that new file type:

Could you give that a try?