System Parameter - Exclude EA when Projects are copied (much like Activity fields)

Bruce Howard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 12 months ago 3

On behalf of Wells Fargo...  Much like Activity fields can be excluded when Activities are copied, we need to be able to exclude Project level fields when Projects are copied.

Before moving to the cloud we (Vanguard) had a customization that allowed the user copying a project to decide if they wanted to copy over the data fields from project tabs. This was important to us as LEGAL REVIEWS and other internal AUDIT data fields must be blanked out when a new project is launched.

Qantas Airlines has also requested this feature.  For example, when they copy over an Email Project, they don't want the Send Date or any CIM IDs/codes to be copied.  They apply their project templates manually, so we cannot clear the values with a workflow status action when the Project starts, as it would clear out what the Project Manager has just typed in.  There is no way of knowing if they updated the value correctly after copying or if they forgot.