Set "Required" Activity Level Fields per Work Request Form Rather Than EA Configuration

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Michael Higgins 4 months ago 5

Allow Admin to configure whether an Activity EA is “Required” on each Work Request Form (WRF) rather than everywhere.


Currently, if an Admin wants an Activity level EA required on a WRF, the “Required” parameter is set on the EA configuration page under the Activities Extended Attributes list. However, this makes the EA required across every WRF where it appears, and subsequently, every Activity Details page where it displays. This causes issues for multiple user groups that do not occur with a project or task EA.

The first consideration an Admin has to make is a Requester or user that is responsible for filling out a WRFs, frequently skip over EAs that are not required/bolded. Because many Activity EAs “should” be required on some WRFs, but not all, Admin are forced to determine if it is worth making the field required across all forms. An Admin’s options are either to require the user to input a response even though it may only pertain to their situation a small percentage of the time, or the Admin must set a default value to correspond with the highest percentage answer option across every WRF.

As you can imagine, the former leads to frustration from Requesters as they feel they are filling out unnecessary fields. For the ladder, beyond the Admin needing to update every WRF which can easily surpass 250+ unique form, users miss the field because it is already filled in for them. When users miss fields, it causes issues later in the project’s life cycle (especially if the field determines the project’s routing) which causes frustration, delays, and resubmissions.

The second consideration an Admin has to make is the repercussions of needing to make edits on every Activity Details page where new Activity EAs are required. Every instance the EA is displayed, whether historical or new, if a user hits edit, they are required to input a selection for the required field before they can save whatever update they were originally trying to perform. For users who consistently make updates to the Activity Details page, this is beyond frustrating and makes any Admin lose friends very quickly.

    *One workaround is to use the Data Loader to backfill all historical data for the new field. This especially useful when trying to convert old EAs to mirrored EAs with share option sets.


    Admin should have the ability to set the “Required” parameter when configuring each WRF rather than on the EA configuration page. On the Defaults tab of the WRF setup, have a second column similar to the DCT functionality where you can indicate if the field should be required or not. If the EA is configured to be required via the historical EA config page, the functionality can still perform the same way as it does no. However, if the EA config is not set to required, then the Admin should be able to set the parameter on a per WRF basis.

    Yes, this would be huge. We try to reuse EAs wherever possible and this gets in the way of that


    Matt, your example I think is saying that if the EA is required in System Admin then it would always be required on the request form but if the EA is not set to be required there would be an option to make the field required on the request form.

    Is that because you think that would be easier or based on business use case?  Personally I think if we do this option we would just ignore the required field setting on the EA and just go by how it was set on the form itself.  So you could have a required EA in System Admin but it could be not required on the request form.  This is how we handle it on DCTs today so it would be consistent and provide the most flexibility.

    No, I wouldn't do it that way.  I would say if an EA is required in the System Admin then it should be required on the Page Layout of the Activity Details.  For it to be required on the Work Request Form, it would have to be set on each work request form like DCTs. 

    A little confused by the 2nd paragraph, but the way I describe it here is the most useful.

    We have the same issue at Wells Fargo.  We also have asked for the ability to set cascading at the Work Request level instead of following the Page Layout.  We would like Work Request Admin to be the same as DCTs where we can set the cascade and field requirement.  

    Mike, I would like to keep this Idea specific to the required field portion so if you want to start a discussion on managing cascading relationships separately on request forms could you submit that as a new idea please.  Thanks!