Modern Grids: Show complete list in user group

Diane Kifer 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Trista Oliva 1 year ago 4

As part of the launch of Modern Grids, it only shows the first person in a user group (ie.  Legal, only shows first name on list) which leads users to believe that person is reviewing their submission.  Prior to the launch of modern grids, the complete of list of members in the user group was visible.  Since the user wont see who is reviewing the submission until it has been completed, it is causing confusion resulting in the user reaching out to someone in the group who may or may not be working on their submission. This causes a lot of unnecessary email requests taking away from the time the reviewer could be spending reviewing the submission.

I am adding a screenshot to this request on behalf of Diane (original poster):

Our users are getting confused as well with thinking there is only one assignee in the task worksheet, when there are actually multiple.

We struggle with the current layout in Task Worksheet as well. The assignees column only shows the first user assigned to a task, even when there are more than one users assigned and our users have been getting confused. It would be nice if the text would wrap and all text in the column was shown.

Adding additional context, this is with regards to the Task Worksheet.  You only see the list of the user group if you hover over the name.  In most cases the person listed as the assignee is not the one who actually reviewed the submission.