New Navigation: Reduce number of clicks for menu item selection

Richard Perks 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 1

The new interface requires far more clicks than the old interface. It would therefore be useful if the menu could auto expand / contract, maybe based upon hovering over the menu item + - icons.


Sorry for the late reply here but this one got missed somehow.  

We do not plan to adjust this behavior.  we received many complaints on the old navigation about how as you hovered over the menus would keep flying out and then collapsing and if you did not get your mouse just right it disappeared as you move over.  It is not a good UX design to auto expand sections just based on a mouse hover.  If we did this and you meant you mouse over project management but you missed slightly and went over activity management first it would cause the menu to expand out for activity management and then your mouse would now be stuck inside the activity management subnav items. So you would then have to mouse all the way down to the bottom of those to get to project management to get that to expand.  I understand your initial thought here but I think in practice this would be a very frustrating experience.  A click to simply expand the menu is a more specific choice by the user and there is no "load" time so the click is immediate and the menu opens.