Mass update assigned tasks to a team member that's returned from being out of office

Adam Henderson 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 12 months ago 3

We assign a lot of tasks to teams for example teams of designers. When a team member returns from holiday they switch their out of office off but the work that's come in whilst they were off is not available to pick up. We'd like to be able to add them back in with out having to do it Activity or Project at a time.  

Hi Adam, just to confirm your use case here...you have tasks that are assigned to groups of users, the desginers for example. When a designer is free they will accept the task and work on it. You want the ability for a user who has been OoO, and therefore not receieved any of these tasks to pick up, to be able to be assigned back into these task so when they free, they can accept and pick the task up like they would do if they'd never been away.

You basically have a queue of jobs for the designers to work their way through and you want to allow users to pick these tasks up even if they have been away and not originally receieved the task.

So rather than re-assign (replace one assignee with another), you want to add in an assignee to multiple tasks in one hit?

Hi Richard yes that's spot on, correct.