Inbox - Configure order of Sections

Carolyn Mccarthy 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Amelia Ross 5 months ago 6

We would like the ability to determine order of DCTs, Step Checklists and Attachments by Task, when viewed in the Inbox.  In legacy version of a particular task, we had sections that required action at the top of the task (Step Checklist and DCT with editable fields).  In the Inbox, the Step Checklist is now at the bottom of the task and we would like to be able to configure it to be at the top.  

This functionality is part of Release 118.

The Release Note explains:  New functionality has been added to support ordering the Task Inbox sections. Users with the User Interface Configuration, Admin domain right will see a new edit icon on the Task Inbox header and clicking on it will display a list of the task sections in the current default order. The sections can be dragged and dropped to a new display position for all users in the system.

This is currently in progress.

That would be okay with us.  We could make some universal standards across all tasks.


Aprimo is reviewing the option to allow each customer to configure the order that panels will display within the Task Inbox.  However, this would be a system wide configuration (one for Tasks and one for Review Tasks) and would not be on a per task basis.  But this configuration would handle all the panels and not just DCT, Checklist as mentioned above.