Have the workflow step status action update a role to a token user

Liz Guzman 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 3 weeks ago 1

We have the initial task in our workflows to review what the Requestor has submitted and confirm if the request is feasible and whether the Project will proceed. This is assigned to a group of users (e.g. Advertising Team Members) with a Workgroup Action of ‘One Must Close’. The team member who accepts the task will take on this Project and become the Project Manager. 

Currently, they click to the Project link from this task, click Edit and then update their name for the Project Manager field, Save the Project, and then click back to the Task Inbox.

It would be nice to have the Status Action of In Process do this automatically, by exposing the Project Role field to the Edit Attributes section and update the Project Manager Token to the <current user>.

I can also see this feature be helpful when updating the Activity Owner after an Activity Request comes in as the Owner defaulted is many times a ‘dummy user mapped to a group mailbox’. This would remove a few initial admin steps if the team member who accepts the initial task automatically becomes the Activity Owner.

(This may not be necessary if the below request is sufficient and automating assignments as desired)


Hello,  I just wanted to clarify this one.  

The ask is to expose the Project Manager and Activity Owner fields in a Workflow Step Status Action > Edit Attributes section.   Then, we can map these fields to the 'Task Completed By' field using the Set to Field Operator.   

Currently, we have to update the Activity Owner manually and have to use a Project Lead EA that is updated automatically as the Project Manager field was never getting updated manually.