Activity Chat Improvements - Email Notification Subject and Chat Board List

Liz Guzman 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 2 months ago 7

1. When receiving a chat board notification, the subject line is not informative to drive a response from the recipient, so the Activity Title should be provided.

    Current Subject: You have been tagged in a post

    Suggested Subject: You have been tagged in a post: <Activity Title> 

    2. In the list of Project Chat Boards, displaying the Activity Title below the Project Title would be very helpful as using workflow templates, the Project Titles are all similar, so you cannot decipher what these posts are without clicking on them.


      If we make this change I might suggest that the activity title be placed at the start of the subject line.

      <Activity Title>: You have been tagged in a new post.

      Since the activity title is the distinguishing item placing it first would ensure it is visible.  If we place it at the end it could still be cut off depending on the column width of the subject field in your email.


      100% the Activity Title (and ID if possible) would be a great enrichment oppty. We use gmail so our similiar emails get grouped together making it easy and common to miss emails from posts. This would be incredibly useful to us! Thanks Eric!

      Agree with Alyssa, Activity Title and ID would be great!

      BI Would also appreciate this change.  We would even go further and would like full control of the email notification sent when a user is tagged (as per workflow notifications). It would also be nice to see these included in the new DAM UI in the notifications tab.  

      There are plans to push chat alerts and task assignments into the Notifications panel in the new DAM UI.  That will likely happen sometime in late Q1 or Q2 of 2020.  

      Red Hat would also greatly appreciate this enhancement. For users using Gmail as their company email, as we do, it collapses all 'you have been tagged in a post' email notification into 1 stack and becomes easy to miss.

      Franklin Templeton would like to see this enhancement as well.  It would add to the users ability to distinguish between the many Chats in the left hand list.