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Ability to update the activity created notification

Liz Guzman 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 7 months ago 4

We are currently using the Activity Request forms and for half of our forms, we have defaulted to Activity Owner and Admin to a user with our central marketing operations email address.   We then review the request and assign the correct Activity Owner. We may get multiple requests coming and it would be very helpful to add content to these Activity Created Notifications so that we can quickly look at the emails and then update the Activities appropriately based on urgency, business unit of requestor, etc.

The following is the example of the two notifications we get when an Activity is created.  Are you saying we could deactivate (turn off) either one or both of them if we wanted?  Or is it just the 1st one you can do this for?

In Review

It is possible to "de-activate" these standard emails.  There is not a configuration option in the UI but Aprimo can change a configuration on the backend and stop certain default emails from being sent.  So you could disable the "An activity has been created and you are the owner" email if it is not of any value.  This would be system wide.

This has been a constant issue for our clients. When you are not using the Work Request Review process, the requestor is getting duplicate back to back notifications for Submitting the Request, then for the Activity being created. In some processes, they are also the first person in the workflow, so they can also get a third email for task assignment. It would be nice if you could control the notifications as part of the Work Request setup. Or if you are NOT using the Review, then they requestor should only get one. 

I would like to also see access to edit all notifications going out of the system. I am not sure why this is available for some and not others. There are reasons why clients would like to customize all of them and give users more information. 

We would also find useful having these notifications editable with some additional fields on our end. Having customization option available, we could personalize that notification according to the needs of the project as well as according to what our users are using to search for activities in the system (Activity ID, Activity Title etc.)