New Navigation: My Task filters not Carrying Over to Task Inbox

Ray Hahn 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Bridget Pounsberry 4 months ago 4

When opening tasks from My Tasks list it doesn't carryover the custom filters to the Inbox list. This requires users to page back to My Tasks to find their next task in the filtered list. This causes additional clicks compared to today's navigation. Our Compliance, State Filing, Asset Managers, Project Planners and Ops teams rely heavily on custom views to work efficiently

Our users have multiple roles or multiple kinds of tasks in the same inbox need a way to look at each kind of task separately and to stay in those separate areas when completing tasks.

They also need a way to build their own views with their own criteria within the inbox so that they can organize their list the way they need. I think the ability to filter, sort, and the ability to search the task inbox by custom EAs would help our users tremendously.


While I understand the use case, I am not sure that I am following how this is adding any additional clicks compared to the legacy navigation.  In legacy navigation, each click from the list would open a new "tab/window", the user would have to complete that task (in the old they would have extra clicks because they have to click "edit", update the task then click "save", go back to the view page and then close that task.  They would then go back to their list and find the next task and repeat.  So not sure the new paradigm is adding anything new.

That said we do have plans to expand the filter and grouping options in the Task Inbox going forward but not sure we would pull across their current filter in the Task List.

The extra clicks come when continuing to work in the Inbox because users have to click through each task to see the important information. Adding more filtering/sorting to the Inbox is the ask here so users can stay within one view instead of toggling back and forth. Thanks for the reply. 

Great suggestion Ray, thanks for submitting this into AprimoVoice. Please encourage your team to check the submitted enhancements in the Navigation and Home Page forum, and add comments where necessary.