Ability to disable activity update notifications for attachment uploads

Gina 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 10 months ago 8

When uploading a new version of a document in the Task Inbox, the user has a box to Send Notification with the default text below it to "Write a Response." This is encouraging users to click this in confusion and then feel the need to write something and then choosing a group to notify. We are requesting the ability to disable and hide this functionality as we have no use case for this function, and when this is done by a user, they end up sending notifications to one of the large groups on the View Access List, which were set up for collaboration purposes. This is resulting in spamming users with extra notifications that do not pertain to them.

Agreed, this notification option is confusing and not necessary for our users as the next task is sent to the appropriate team member. Perhaps a separate system parameter for Notes update notifications and Attachments update notifications?

We do not use chat but turning off all update notifications system wide would be enough for us.  All of our attachments are uploaded via a task so the notification a new document is available is via the next task assignment.  however, to clarify we do use notes and the notification function within those.  Would turning update notifications off system wide impact notes also?


Is making this an all or none system setting enough?  Meaning it is completely off in your environment or it is available for all users?  This feature was added before we had chat in the application as a way to notify the project team of a new document.  But a user could not leverage Chat to share that information if needed.

Yes, this is enough and ideal for our use case. Thanks.

I also have this request from my users.

This is broader than just for attachment uploads on workflows. This is on any notification from an activity. I want to be able to disallow a group from being selected to send a notification. We have had several users do this mistake and it is infuriating our managers and users.

Another possible suggestion is to have a system parameter to indicate the user group available or not available to distribute notifications to from workflow.  

I agree that it would be nice to have the ability to turn this on and off via a system parameter.